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Below is a sampling of our workshops.
Individual, corporate team bonding, parent and children, couple bonding,
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Leather Crafting is all about making leather into craft objects. Leather Crafting is making leather into works of art. Through our BeesyHands workshops, we take you on a beginners’ journey into leather crafting. Staying true to our tagline, “Best Things in Life – Made by Hands”, we have customised workshops to cater anyone who wishes to make a personalised leather gift, who is keen to learn the basics of leather craft with minimal tools and investment. We provide some insight into the What, the Why and the How in leather craft. Have a look at some of the projects below.
  • Varies, depending on the project

Examples of Skills taughtExamples of End Outcomes
Cutting the leather pieces, free hand with rounded corners, how to burnish leather edges, includes several methodsKey fob
Edge bevelling, what sized tools and when to bevel, wing divider and its functionsNo stitch coin pouch
Saddle Stitching, how to thread leather needles, how to stitch, the beginning and ending, how to prepare the leather for sewingCard case / passport cover / journal cover
Moulding / Shaping, hammering and attaching punching rivetsCard case / coin pouch


Among the BeesyHands instructors, we have environmentalists. This motivated some of us to develop workshops evolving round things we already have around us. Think painting on a stone, a free tote bag you have in hand or a piece of cardboard! Yes, at BeesyHands we use environmentally friendly materials to paint on. Explore printing and stenciling workshops. Explore stippling and blocking, explore shading or even just pouring the paint! How about dotting your paint or tangling with a marker and bringing yourself into a relaxing and therapeutic state with our Mandala Dot Painting or Mindful Tangling workshops? We do not believe in a one size fits. Tell us what you want to paint and we will bring you on a creative journey.

Values shared – saving the earth, respect, sincerity

  • 2 hours per session

Examples of Skills taughtExamples of End Outcomes
Printing and stencilling using recycled materialsTote shoulders bags / sling bags
Silhouette Painting / dabbing with paintCanvas painting
Basic blocking, stippling and shadingEndless! Eg painting on stones, cardboard and painting canvas
Fluid Art – acrylic pouring
1) Tree Rings
2) Dirty Pour
3)Puddle Pour
Painting on canvas
Mandala Dot PaintingEndless! eg bookmarks, canvas tote bags
Mindful TanglingCoasters and tote bags


BeesyHands are about using the hands and what best way to do this than through moulding. Using ceramic plaster and wax, children will experience what it is like to mould and decorate their craft pieces. For ceramic plaster, the pair of BeesyHands will make bear aroma diffusers. Beeswax is also another choice of base ingredient used in moulding. We only use imported plaster mix and beeswax for these workshops, in line with our environmental ethos.

Beeswax is an amazing ingredient not commonly used in our local art and craft context. Using beeswax, BeesyHands offers workshops which include aroma infused tablets, candles and also environmental friendly beeswax wraps.

Why are we only using beeswax and not paraffin wax? Beeswax is non-toxic, they produce negative ions when burned and these help to neutralize pollution in the air, eliminating dust, odors and mold. They have a mildly sweet natural honey scent which aids in relaxation. They also have anti-bacterial properties in them.

BeesyHands also offers clay and ceramic workshops. For those new to moulding, we offer a variety of clay for students to dabble in, including child-safe air dried clay. For those who want to try their hand at ceramic art, depending on your preference and time, we will journey with you through the hand-building methods – slab work, coiling and pinching. These will include glazing and firing.

Values shared – freedom, patience

  • 2 hours per session (for ceramic plaster, wax and clay workshops) ; 3 hours per session (for ceramic art workshops)

Examples of Skills taughtExamples of End Outcomes
Ceramic Plaster MouldingAroma tablet with simple painting
Beeswax MouldingAroma tablet with flowers
Beeswax WrapsRound / Square shapes or sandwich bag sizes
Beeswax candle makingGlass jar, incorporating essential oils
Air Dried Clay Moulding – pinchingSculpt an animal
Air Dried Clay Moulding – coilingPlant pot with decorations
Air Dried Clay Moulding – slab workBowl or plate
Ceramic Art – pinchingShallow dish plate (small)
Ceramic Art – coilingBowl (small)
Ceramic Art – slab workCoasters


Sewing is another life skill quite missing in our busy world today. The term “sewists” is a new term and this aptly describes what we do as Sewists at BeesyHands. A Sewist sews and imbues art into his/her craft piece. There is a range of sewing techniques the participants can learn.

The lessons include quilting flat squares the good old fashioned way, by hand, stitch by stitch, and simple basting of the square. This can be followed by the applique technique which uses mainly the blanket stitch. Perhaps you have a patchwork in mind, using your favourite clothes which you cannot wear now, and you do not want to invest in the tools required to make it, contact us. We will be happy to guide you through it.

As always, at BeesyHands, we are aware of the difference we can make if we recycle and upcycle. Imagine recycling an old pair of jeans to make a new pouch or bag. Yes we have done it all.

Values shared – patience, grit

  • 2 hours per session (number of sessions depending on the project)

Examples of Skills taughtExamples of End Outcomes
Quilting: Flat Square, running and basting stitchesPot Mat
Patch work and / or appliqueCoasters
Recycled Jeans Patch WorkCoin pouch, Sling bags, Tote bags


Decoupage is an art that originated as early as in the 12th century. Its popularity can be attributed to the artists in Florence, Italy. Anyone can decoupage. For the younger ones, we teach the most basic skill, how to use a pair of scissors to cut paper. Decoupage is so versatile. We can use almost anything that you wish to recycle to decoupage. The techniques are varied depending on the paper medium that you use as with the end varnish too. At BeesyHands, we bring decoupage classes up a notch by incorporating mixed media such as painting and ceramic plaster just to name a few.

For the more advanced decoupage classes, we move on to the mosaic effect for decoupage.

Values shared – patience, helpfulness

  • 2 hours per session

Examples of Skills taughtExamples of End Outcomes
Simple decoupage for children using paper printsEndless! For example, a stone, a book mark, a door knob hanger
Simple decoupage for adults using mixed printsEndless! For example, tote bag, purse, canvas, wood piece
Mosaic DecoupageTray, small stool
Decoupage with paintingEndless! For example wall hanging, wood piece, aprons
Decoupage with ceramic plasterWall hanging


Flexible, especially the June and Nov/Dec holidays.

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Customized, depending on the project, to suit your time. Workshops range from 45 minutes to 2 hours or more.


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