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Tay SL
Fong, Skyler and Shae

BeesyHands’ simple and creative ideas was a “life saver” during the Circuit Breaker. My daughter and myself have our birthdays in early May and it has always been a tradition to have a birthday cake on that special day. But during the CB, all bakeries and cake shops were closed. BeesyHands came to the rescue with their brilliant Mug recipes! We made a Mug Cake for each other’s birthdays. It was such a novelty to be eating cake out of a mug. That actually made our birthdays very special and memorable and I have to say a big Thank You to BeesyHands for that idea! It made a huge difference!

S Kaur

I have had a problem with egg washing my pastries. Finally learnt from the BeesyHands video the various methods to obtain the different effect I want for the pastries. Very easy step-by-step with illustrations.

John C.

Thank you Joyce for your patience. I personally learnt a lot today and will continue learning more from you. Thank you again.


My girl loves the art craft ideas from BeesyHands. She looked forward to every single session. It was great to see something different from the typical art classes! There was also a lot of thought put into each session, well-crafted learning, that was achievable by the kids. Although it was done by 6 year olds, it totally looked much better than what an average adult could do! The personalisation of each piece also help each kid take strong ownership of their art and that must have taken extra effort! So thank you!! Looking forward to more sessions!

E Cheong

The first thing my girl could not wait to tell me when I picked her up as her “Mummy I’m so lucky that I came to this art class. I did something that I love it so much that you would never ever allow me to do at home!” Thanks to Joyce, my girl learnt what are warm and cool colours and what are the important things to note when mixing them together. Immediately after the last lesson during the school holiday, she was asking me when is her next art class? Thanks Joyce, for everything.


Ellie enjoyed her lessons and looked forward to it every day. Four workshops is too few. Great packaging with lots of attention to details and customised to suit their abilities. Good things ought to be shared, so mummies looking for holiday or after school programs this is a place you may definitely wanna try!

G Chew

I highly recommend the art lessons conducted by Joyce. My 6 year old daughter, Emma-Joy, had so much fun at the lessons. Joyce customised the workshop to the needs of the girls and exposed them to interesting art techniques such as fluid art, decoupage, etc. The finished products were so nicely packed for Emma-Joy to bring home. My older daughter, Evangeline was so envious of Emma-Joy and requested to join in the class, which Joyce so graciously accepted. Evangeline enjoyed the class so much that she came home raving about it.

C Y Ang

Thank you for the Dot Painting Session by Joyce. It was a great session and Joyce is very good. Please help me to thank Joyce for a great sharing session. Hope we can have another workshop with her in the near future.


On behalf of the children and the staff of Sunbeam Place @ Children’s Society, we would like to say a  big thank you for engaging the children in your programmes during the months of November and December 2020. It was well organised and all participated residents enjoyed greatly. It was heart-warming to know they were able to listen to you and concentrate during the sessions. Perhaps we can plan for more regular sessions on a monthly basis? Thank you for taking your time and going the extra mile to prepare the materials, really benefitting them.

C Chua


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